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Pavement Marking Removal Service

If you’re seeking to remove durable pavement markings from any kind of asphalt or concrete surfaces in the State of Florida, then look no further. Acme Barricades provides DOT and FDOT approved waterblasting services for damage-free removal of thermoplastic, paint, MMA, polyurea, epoxy, rubber and other materials from surfaces including grooved asphalt and concrete, and other audible warning pavement markings.

Water blasting is a superior pavement marking removal method. Grinding and shot blasting can damage the surface area beneath the pavement markings being stripped away, leaving ruts and grooves in the surface. In contrast, waterblasting causes little-to-no-impact on surfaces, making it ideal for pavement marking removal on roadways, airport runways and taxiways, and in work zones.  Our vacuum recovery systems also eliminate the need for clean-up.

Pavement Marking Removal Service

Pavement Marking Waterblasting removal truck

Waterblasting Services:

  • Damage-free Pavement Marking Removal
  • Concrete and Asphalt Waterblasting
  • Waterblasting Services for Roads, Airport Runways and Taxiways
  • Thermoplastic, Paint, MMA, Polyurea, Epoxy & Rubber Removal
  • DOT-Approved Waterblasting Equipment
  • Trained Certified Waterblasting Technicians