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TTC & MOT Products and Services

When it comes to Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) and Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Products & Services in the State of Florida, no one does it better than Acme Barricades. Since 1997, we’ve established ourselves as the industry’s leading highway safety company.

Acme Barricades handles traffic control projects of every size and variety, all according to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and MUTCD safety regulations and standards. This includes the development of MOT plans, provision of certified TTC personnel, and supervising the installation, removal and maintenance of TTC devices for lane closures, road closures, detours, and flagging.

Acme Barricades is a FDOT Approved Channelizing Device Supplier, offering all major types of TTC devices, products and supplies including drums, cones, barricades, barrier walls and other channelizing devices; portable and mounted work zone signage, arrow boards, variable message boards, radar speed display units and other regulatory signs.

For a superior combination of experience, quality, safety, service and price, trust Acme Barricades to handle your next project.

Acme Barricades orange cones used as temporary traffic control in Jacksonville FL
  • MOT plans
  • TTC Work Zone Management
  • Certified TTC Personnel
  • Flagging Services
  • Lane Closures
  • Sidewalk Closures
  • Detours
Barricades & Channelizing Devices
  • Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 Barricades
  • Cones & Drums
  • Flexible Delineators
  • Tubular Markers
  • Airport Barricades
  • Longitudinal Channelizing Devices
  • Pedestrian Barricades
  • Water Filled Barrier Wall
Work Zone Signs
Traffic signs and barricade signs next to a highway in Florida
  • Portable Work Zone Signs
  • Post-Mounted Work Zone Signs
  • Mesh/Roll up Signs
Message Boards / Arrow Boards
arrow sign
  • Arrow Boards / Target Boards
  • Variable Message Boards & Signs
  • Radar Speed Display Units
  • Portable Regulatory & Speed Limit Signs
Energy Absorption guardrails from a barricade company | ACME Barricades in Florida
  • Temporary / Work Zone Crash Cushions
  • Truck Mounted Attenuators
Acme Barricades orange barrels used as temporary traffic control in Jacksonville
  • Type B / High Intensity Flashing
  • Type C / Steady Burn
  • Flashers
  • Airport / Red Flashing
Miscellaneous Devices
Portable Traffic Signal
  • Portable Traffic Signals
  • Glare Screen
  • Vinyl Warning Flags
  • Stop / Slow Paddles