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Acme Barricades provides a comprehensive line of barrier wall products for traffic control as well as efficient, reliable installation, set-up and removal of barrier wall systems to meet the needs of your project. From precast concrete and steel barrier wall to water-filled barriers for use in work zones, construction projects and events, no other company in the State of Florida can match our combination of high-quality, affordable barrier wall products, service, experience and safety. Our experienced team of certified professionals provide complete traffic control planning, implementation, operation and compliance for projects of every size, all according to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and MUTCD safety regulations and standards.

Whether you’re looking for barrier wall sales, rentals or installation, we’re here to help!


Unrivaled Safety

Acme Barricades standing next to an orange barrel and traffic barricade rental

Acme’s barrier wall systems provide unsurpassed protection and reliability on major highway projects, construction sites or other similar jobs, by maintaining separation between vehicle traffic and workers, pedestrians and other safety sensitive areas. Acme’s precast concrete and steel barrier walls can be easily connected to provide a variable but nearly impenetrable concrete barrier.

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Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall & Steel Barrier Wall

Concrete barricades used as a temporary barricade for traffic control in Florida

When it comes to your toughest, most demanding traffic control needs for road construction projects, airports, concerts, conferences and other major installations, turn to Acme’s concrete & steel barrier wall systems. These rigid barrier walls create an impervious line of defense, providing physical protection to workers, pedestrians and the traveling public.

We provide pre-cast concrete and steel barrier wall systems to every area of Florida including sales, rentals and installation. Our barrier wall systems meet Florida DOT and MUTCD standards.

Water-Filled Barrier Wall Systems

Water-filled barriers, including water wall barriers, water-filled barricades and crash barrier systems are an excellent choice for guiding traffic and creating safe work zones for pedestrians, traffic and construction zone personnel.

Water barriers are tough, durable and flexible. Light and transportable, they can be used as is or filled with water for superior ballast. They are quick and easy to connect and come in bright orange or white colors providing increased visibility and protection. Acme’s plastic water-barriers all meet FDOT and MUTCD standards. Our water-barrier walls are available for sale or rent. Our certified TTC personnel can handle installation, removal and maintenance, as needed.

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