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Roadway departure crashes account for more than 50% of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities. Inattention, fatigue, traveling too fast, and traveling through extreme weather conditions are just a few of the many common reasons why a driver may leave their travel lane. Improving median and roadside barricades is one of the most effective ways to prevent these types of accidents, offering a variety of safety benefits for drivers of all ages. At Acme Barricades, our greatest responsibility is to improve transportation infrastructure to ultimately keep people safe while traveling on busy roads and highways. Our team provides a comprehensive line of barrier wall products for traffic control as well as reliable installation, set-up, and removal of barrier wall systems to meet the needs of various roadside projects.   Acme’s Temporary Concrete Barrier Walls Acme Barricades offers concrete and barrier wall systems to help the toughest, most demanding traffic control needs for a variety of scenarios such as construction projects, airports, concerts, conferences, and other major installations. Both of these road barricades provide strong, defensive structures that keep drivers, pedestrians and roadside workers safe from crossing paths. Here are a few benefits of Acme’s concrete and steel barrier walls for sale: Benefits of Concrete Barrier Walls Concrete has been the material of choice for construction barriers for years, and for good reason. Road barriers created from concrete, also referred to as jersey barriers, are incredibly durable and can be used to prevent drivers from crashing into other areas, as well as keep construction workers safe from oncoming traffic while roadside. Furthermore, concrete barricades are a great choice for long-term projects due to their unrivaled strength. Additional benefits include:
  • More effective against heavier vehicles
  • Eliminates headlight dazzling
  • Smooth surface that is less likely to cause injury to motorcyclists
  • More resistant to damage from impacts, requiring less repairs
  Acme’s Water-Filled Barrier Wall Systems Water-filled barrier walls are an excellent choice for guiding traffic and creating safe work zones for pedestrians, traffic and construction zone personnel. When empty, the water-filled barrier is lightweight and easily transferrable for convenience while also providing superior stability when filled with water. Other benefits include:
  • A cost-effective security and safety solution
  • Offers substantial reusability
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of any project
  • Less likely to cause damage in the event of impact
  Barrier Walls for Sale – Why Acme is Your #1 Solution At Acme Barricades, we sell used barricades to organizations ranging from event venues to construction companies and beyond. Our barrier wall systems provide unsurpassed protection and reliability on major highway projects, construction sites or other similar jobs, by maintaining safe separation between traffic and workers as well as pedestrians. Furthermore, all of our road barrier walls are FDOT and MUTCD compliant. For years, we have been proud to deliver the highest quality barricades on the market along with reliable installation and removal services, such as:
  • Precast Concrete K-Wall
  • Precast Concrete J-Wall
  • Low Profile Concrete Barrier Wall and Jersey Barriers
  • Precast Concrete Barrier Wall Systems
  • Precast Concrete Barrier Wall Sales & Rentals
  • Steel Barrier Wall Systems
  • Barrier Wall Installation, Transport & Removal
  • Water-Filled Barricades & Barriers for Sale or Rent
  • Water-Filled Barrier Wall Systems
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Water Barriers
  • Water Barrier Installation & Removal
  Contact Acme Barricades for Used Barrier Walls for Sale At Acme Barricades, our unique combination of high-quality, affordable barrier wall products, service, experience, and safety is what makes us your top choice for barrier wall sales and rentals in the area. Our team of certified professionals provides complete traffic control planning, implementation, operation, and compliance for projects of every size. If you are interested in learning more about Acme’s used barrier walls for sale, we encourage you to contact our offices today.