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Road safety plays an important role in our everyday lives. Day by day, people use the roads, highways and sidewalks to get to their jobs, schools, grocery stores, appointments, and a number of other routine destinations. That’s why the traffic safety professionals at Acme Barricades do what we do – to help the traveling public get where they need to be in the safest way possible. When it comes to road construction, traffic safety is the first thing that comes to mind and remains the foundation of every project put before us.

Acme Barricades is Florida’s leading highway safety and traffic control company, and we are always looking to expand our team to continue to enhance the public’s every day lives. Read to learn more about available traffic safety jobs in Florida:

Guardrail Installer

Acme Barricades is actively looking for experienced Guardrail Installers. The Highway Guardrail Installer position holds the responsibility of a variety of tasks related to highway maintenance, including but not limited to reading of plans and schematics, layout of highway guardrails, handling and installing all the materials for guardrail installation, using power tools, and more. Furthermore, the ideal candidate will have prior guardrail installation experience.

Guardrail Foreman

The Acme team is looking for seasoned Guardrail Foreman. Along with performing a variety of tasks relating to highway maintenance, the Highway Guardrail Foreman will be responsible for overseeing the crew’s work and coordinating with onsite general contractor or subcontractor representatives to ensure all operations run smoothly from start to finish. The right candidate should have previous guardrail experience.

Barrier Wall Installer

Acme is currently searching for Barrier Wall Installers. The position requires performing installation of highway barrier walls as well as a number of tasks related to highway maintenance. The Highway Barrier Wall Installer will be expected to handle the layout of the barrier wall, handle and install all of the materials needed for the project, using power tools, and more. Ideally, the candidate will have prior barrier wall installation experience.

Barrier Wall Foreman

Acme is looking for professional Barrier Wall Foreman as an addition to their traffic safety team. In addition to performing multiple tasks related to highway maintenance, the Highway Barrier Wall Foreman will be responsible for supervising the crew’s work while also working closely with the onsite general contractor or subcontractor representatives. Experience is required for this position, as well as adherence to all regulations, policies and procedures.

The Benefits of Working in Road Construction and Traffic Safety

Just like any other career path, working in construction offers a variety of benefits and opportunities for employees, including:

  • Job security – Acme is a well-established company that is rapidly expanding in an extremely stable industry. It is no secret that construction jobs are not going anywhere. Experienced traffic safety and construction workers can always find work and have opportunities to explore different sectors of the industry.
  • Stay active – Instead of working at a desk for 8 hours a day, construction workers get the chance to remain active throughout the day, a positive for both physical and mental health.
  • Never get bored – When you work in construction, you never have to worry about having monotonous workdays. Traffic safety jobs present new projects and challenges for workers every day.

Apply for a Traffic Safety Job in Florida with Acme Barricades

Acme Barricades sets the standard for highway safety and traffic control services in Florida. For over 22 years, our team has provided the best-in-class Temporary Traffic Control and Maintenance of Traffic products and services in the state. Acme has and continues to play a key role in keeping people safe on the roads and ultimately enhancing their everyday lives. If you are interested in joining our team, we encourage you to visit our website and learn more about the traffic safety job opportunities available.