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One of the most important aspects of a safe and efficient roadway is the application of pavement marking that defines road paths and traffic lanes. Pavement markings communicate important information to drivers and pedestrians. This information is continuous and directs drivers on road alignment and how their vehicle should be positioned at all times– two important factors that contribute to overall road safety.

Acme Barricades is always looking for experienced, dedicated professionals to join our team in our effort to provide the best highway safety and traffic control services in Florida. Currently, we are seeking to expand our pavement marking team. Read on to learn more about pavement marking, why it is so important to highway safety and and how to apply for a pavement marking job in Florida with ACME.


What is Pavement Marking?

Pavement markings are used on paved roadways for the purpose of providing guidance and important information to both drivers and pedestrians. They are also used in other locations such as parking lots to differentiate parking spaces. No matter what type of marking it might be, all pavement marking is designed to be easily understood during both day and nighttime hours. The overall goal of pavement markings is to encourage a safe, orderly flow of traffic and optimize roadway capacity.

The Benefits of Pavement Markings: 

  1. Pavement markings help regulate traffic

Pavement markings are highly effective when it comes to establishing and maintaining safe driving guidelines and conditions. There are a variety of markings that are used to help specify driving rules and regulate traffic. These kinds of markings can include yellow lines to separate traffic driving in different directions, broken white lines to indicate that drivers are allowed to switch lanes, and large arrows on the pavement to tell the driver which lane is which or what direction to follow.

  1. Reflective pavement markings provide optimal road visibility at night

Installing reflective pavement markings provides an effective solution to common visibility problems, because it helps direct traffic no matter what light conditions exist.

  1. Keeps both drivers and pedestrians safe

Pavement markings not only help drivers, they also provide safety for pedestrians. Markings like crosswalks help pedestrians know where to safely cross the road, and signal to the driver to slow down in those areas, as well. Additionally, pavement markings in areas like loading zones, no parking zones, tow-away zones, and firetruck zones keep drivers and pedestrians aware of potential dangers.


Apply for a Pavement Marking Job with Acme Barricades, Florida’s preeminent provider of Highway Safety & Traffic Control Services

 Acme Barricades sets the standard for highway safety and traffic control services in Florida. For over 22 years, our team has provided the best-in-class Temporary Traffic Control and Maintenance of Traffic products and services in the state. We keep people safe on the roads and by doing so, enhance their everyday lives.

Are you interested in an exciting career in highway safety with one of the industry’s most respected companies? We are currently seeking motivated individuals to work with our pavement marking team. To learn more about Acme Barricades, the benefits we provide employees, and  pavement marking job opportunities in Florida with our company, just follow the provided link or contact us with your questions.